PROCON Community

The Ibero-American consumer law professionals community, known as PROCON

Will constitute a network that connects all professionals in the region seeking training and updates in the field. It also aims to build connections with colleagues, academics, authorities, and companies from different countries.

Our objetive

The goal is to create a reference space for a rapidly growing subject, in addition to offering the public a variety of its own services and access to third-party proposals.

The PROCON community will work by coordinating programs and projects with companies, business organizations, consumer protection government agencies, academic institutions, and the third sector, among other social actors.

We rely on knowledge and experience

The Academic Advisory Council will contribute knowledge and expertise to shape an attractive and accessible product for all professionals interested in the subject.

We support initiatives

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to support projects that expand knowledge of consumer law, including the University Higher Diploma in Consumer Law, in which the most renowned Ibero-American specialists in the field participate.
Recently, we sponsored the First National Consumer Law Conference in Argentina, which marked a milestone for the scientific activity in this field in the country.