Academic Advisory Council of the PROCON Community


In the context of many of the activities we undertake, the Ibero-American Community of Consumer Law Professionals (PROCON Community) will be one of the most relevant initiatives. For this, the opinions of established experts in the region are essential. Therefore, we invite many of them to join an Academic Advisory Council, which will contribute to the consistency and strength of this endeavor that promises to be innovative. Our aspiration is to continue adding key figures to this remarkable team of specialists.

The professionals who make up the Academic Advisory Council are:

Bernardo Altamirano Rodríguez


Ivo Gagliuffi Piercechi


Simone Magalhaes


Guillermo Orozco Pardo


Mauricio Tapia Rodríguez


We propose

Our commitment is to contribute to the development of competitive and transparent markets, helping to improve consumer protection mechanisms. Primarily, we collaborate with companies to incorporate and strengthen preventive tools, and to develop simple and effective alternatives for conflict resolution.